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Grounded in ethical manufacturing and using sustainable materials, Stidston Studio is centered around an English summer - from the beaches and countryside of Devon, to the swimming ponds and lidos of London.




Stidston Studio is designed, cut and sewn in the UK. Handmade in small batches to ensure product waste is kept to a minimum. 




Nylon Swimwear 


It is estimated that there are 640,000 tones of fishing nets in the ocean. They remain adrift for 500 years, posing a threat to turtles, fish and other sea mammals. All Stidston Studio Lycra swimwear is made from Econyl regenerated nylon made from recycled fishing nets and other pre-and post-consumer waste. Econyl work with Healthy Seas to collect and transform them (and other nylon pre-and post-consumer waste) into yarn that makes up the fabric in STIDSTON swimwear.By using this recycled material, we help clean our oceans, recycle that waste, and cut out the need for raw materials like crude oil, which are traditionally used in the production of nylon.


Ready to wear 


Stidston Studio ready to wear is made from: 


TENCEL™ fabric - is made from sustainable wood pulp, and has a buttery soft feel. It’s strong and long lasting, absorbs moisture, and is soft and gentle on skin. 


Linen - the linen fabric were using in this years collection is made from natural fibers - 55% Linen and 45% Viscose a fluid viscose and linen-blend twill 




We have chosen to avoid print placements as this creates a lot of fabric wastage. By using repeat prints each garment is unique as the placement is always different.




Stidston studio is all about collaboration, we shoot our images with friends for friends. We don’t use Photoshop on our photos as we believe in creating a community that reflects the beauty and perfection of imperfection.


We also design and deliver garment design construction workshops , encouraging people to re-evaluate their relationship with clothing and how it is produced.


Fashion won’t change the world, but if we choose clothes that are made from recycled materials, and brands that use sustainable and environmentally focused manufacturing techniques,  we are creating a consumer drive in an industry that has the potential to make a huge difference.


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